Juno 1.2 brings Jupyter to iPhone!

Jul 1, 2018. | By: Alex Staravoitau

Juno 1.2 is out, and it is our first major update since hitting the AppStore! Juno is now a universal app, which means you can install it on both your iPhone and iPad, bringing Jupyter to all mobile devices running iOS 10.3 or later. Juno Pro works for all of your devices, too: if you previously purchased Juno Pro on iPad, simply restore purchase on your iPhone. Juno supports same features on iPhone as the iPad version, so you will get full access to your Jupyter server wherever you are.

Juno demo notebooks

Other changes include:

Juno and Juno Pro

Juno is still available for free, with an optional in-app purchase to unlock Juno Pro if you want to connect to an arbitrary Jupyter server, or use your cloud computing service account — you only purchase it once for all of your devices! However, we did our best to make free version of Juno fun as well: you can play with introductory notebooks on Jupyter, Python, NumPy, Matplotlib and SciPy right out of the box without paying anything, those notebooks will be launched on a temporary server just for you using Binder service. We plan to keep adding new intoductory notebooks in order to keep things interesting. 🙂

We Need Your Support

We honestly hope that Juno turns out to be a good fit for your workflow and that you find it useful. If you like Juno, keep in mind that there are many ways to support its development and keep it going:

Thank you once again, and we hope you enjoy Juno so far! Stay tuned for more stuff coming later this year. 😉

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