Juno and Juno Connect

Sep 26, 2019

Juno 1.1 and Juno Connect 1.4 are now available on the App Store, with a lot of new things! First of all, and most importantly, we now offer a suite of apps for running Jupyter on iOS: Juno, which runs notebooks locally on device, and Juno Connect, a Jupyter client (more about the change here).

Since Juno doesn’t need a remote server to run, it is more deeply integrated into iOS, allowing you to open Jupyter notebooks from other apps, and even edit them “in-place”, with all changes saved in the original location. Juno Connect, being a client, connects to a remote Jupyter server instead (or cloud-computing service, such as CoCalc or Azure Notebooks), giving you access to virtually unlimited computational resources of the server you are using as a backend.


Both apps are now paid apps, which you can purchase individually, or as a discounted bundle. Neither app will have any in-app purchases in it, and if you have downloaded Juno Connect (the client) previously at any point, you can now use its full functionality, even if you haven’t purchased Juno Pro before (Juno Pro was the in-app purchase that previously paywall-ed some features — now decommissioned).

What’s new

For Juno, everything is new — this is its first public release on the App Store! It is a complete Jupyter development environment for your iPad or iPhone, letting you run notebooks locally on your iOS device using Juno’s embedded Python kernel and integrated libraries, such as NumPy, Matplotlib and Pandas. You can check out Juno’s main features here.

Juno Connect is a big update, too: it is still a Jupyter client, which lets you connect to a remote Jupyter server, and now it also comes with:

  • New design. Juno Connect uses screen space in a (hopefully) much more efficient manner now.
  • SSH tunnelling. You can now connect to your Jupyter servers by establishing an SSH tunnel with port forwarding — which is much easier and more secure.
  • Dark theme support. Juno Connect now supports dark colour scheme (even on iOS 12!).

Also, make sure to check out a new section on our website: Docs. The plan is to publish various useful articles on things related to Juno apps: guides on configuring certificates, connections, etc. I hope it will be useful, and more articles and guides will be coming later.

Support Juno!

I honestly hope that both Juno and Juno Connect are going to fit well into your workflow, and that you find them useful. If you like Juno apps, consider leaving a positive review on the App Store:

Thanks again for your support! 😉