Jupyter for iOS

Zero-setup Jupyter and Python environment
in a first-class citizen app for iPad and iPhone.
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Powerful notebook editor

All Jupyter features in a modern notebook editor made for iPad and iPhone — powerful, customizable, and with everything you may need at your fingertips.

Painless package management

Make full use of powerful, industry-standard Python libraries, such as SciPy, Scikit-learn and Pandas, and install pure Python packages easily with intuitive package manager.

Files at a glance

Navigate files and folders seamlessly without leaving your code: manage, view, and edit files in your working directory directly from the notebook editor.

Built-in text editor

Instantly open any file from your working directory in a versatile text editor with syntax highlighting, powerful Find and Replace, customizable toolbar, and more.

Reusable cells

Save cells containing frequently used code or markup as reusable cell templates, and quickly insert them into any notebook.

Output image viewer

Examine, annotate, and share plots, graphs, and other code-generated images directly from cell output.

First-class citizen app

Tap into all modern document editing features in iOS, make full use of your keyboard and trackpad, and fully embrace multitasking and multi-window capabilities on your iPad.

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