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How do Juno and Juno Connect differ?

Juno is a complete Jupyter development environment for iOS — which means it doesn’t need a server, since it runs code in your Jupyter notebooks locally, right on your iPad or iPhone. Juno Connect, on the other hand, is a Jupyter client for iOS — it lets you use same notebook editor you would find in Juno, but instead of running code on device it will use a remote Jupyter server (or cloud-computing service) as a computational backend.

Since Juno doesn’t need a server to run, it is more deeply integrated into iOS, allowing you to open Jupyter notebooks from other apps, and even edit them “in-place”, with all changes saved in the original location.

Juno Connect, being a client, connects to a remote Jupyter server instead (or cloud-computing service, such as CoCalc), giving you access to virtually unlimited computational resources of the server you are using as a backend.

Are Juno apps open-source?

Juno apps are not open-source (yet), but we fully recognize the importance of open-source software. That’s why each month we donate 10% of our App Store sales proceeds to various open-source projects, which made Juno apps possible in the first place — such as Jupyter. We hope that this (small) contribution will nevertheless prove valuable to each project we support!

Are there any discounts for students?

There are no educational discounts, unfortunately: App Store doesn’t allow anything like that, and although we do participate in their Volume Purchase Program, it seems to be geared towards educational institutions rather than individual students.

I discovered a defect

Please, report all defects and feature requests in the issue tracker: Juno Issue Tracker.

I can’t get it to work!

Please, check out our guides on most common issues, or send us an e-mail, and we will be happy to help: [email protected].

I would like a refund

Developers don’t have access to individual purchases or refunds, unfortunately — so you may need to contact App Store support directly (they have a straightforward process for this). That said, we truly hope you will give Juno apps another go some time. 😉