Jupyter Client for iOS

Juno Connect
Juno Connect is a Jupyter client, which lets you connect to a remote Jupyter server or cloud-computing service, such as CoCalc or Azure Notebooks, and do everything you can do on desktop, anywhere — from your iPad or iPhone.
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BYOS (Bring Your Own Server)

Use Juno's notebook editor with your own Jupyter server as a computational backend — either by connecting directly via HTTP/HTTPS, or by establishing an SSH tunnel and using SSH port forwarding.

Integrated services

Connect to cloud-computing services based on Jupyter — such as CoCalc, Azure Notebooks and Binder — and access your notebooks through Juno Connect.

Full-featured notebook editor

Juno's notebook editor is fully optimized for iOS, providing hardware keyboard support and an extended on-screen keyboard — as well as other Jupyter features, such as code completion powered by your server's kernel.

Looking to run notebooks locally on device? Try Juno