Juno 2.0

Nov 21, 2022

Juno 2.0 is here — and it’s faster, sleeker and easier to use in every way! It comes with a ton of new features and improvements: better notebook editor, new seamless file browser to navigate your working directory, a versatile built-in text editor, and much more.

Notebook editor

What’s new in Juno

Notebook editor

The notebook editing experience has been redesigned from the ground up into a highly configurable notebook workspace, ready for you to customize around your personal workflow. The editor has a ton of new features: faster-loading notebooks, cell templates, better image viewer, better previews, easier text and selection manipulation, better keyboard and trackpad support, a ton of new settings, configuration and customisation options, new Find and Replace experience, new document management features — and a lot more! The new notebook editor absolutely shines on iPad, but will work great on iPhone, too.

Working directory browser

You can now seamlessly navigate, view and edit files and folders in the working directory without leaving your notebook. Juno’s working directory browser lets you manage files and directories, as well as perform other actions useful in the context of writing code and working on your notebooks: say, getting a relative path to a file or directory, or quickly editing contents of an arbitrary file as plain text.

Text editor

Juno now comes with a powerful built-in text editor, which lets you view and edit any file from your working directory — with syntax highlighting, powerful Find and Replace, configurable view options, customisable toolbar and more! It is powered by Simon Støvring’s Runestone project, and works blazingly fast.

Finally, Juno 2.0 brings a whole bunch of minor and major fixes around package manager, keyboard and trackpad handling, iOS integration, text editing, and a ton of general quality of life improvements. Learn more about the new features and Juno’s new notebook editor here: Working with notebooks in Juno